A Resource refers to all data and related information constituting factual records (layers, maps and documents), uploaded by a Contributor, with a view to preserving, managing or disseminating them on the platform.

A Contributor means any person holding an account and having the rights to deposit and distribute Resources on the platform

A User means any visitor, having viewing and/or downloading access, whether or not he or she has an account, to the platform.


The website is a platform for the preservation, management and dissemination of data.

The platform is located at CIRAD:

Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement,
Station Ligne Paradis,
7 chemin de l’IRAT,
97410 Saint-Pierre, La Réunion

These General Terms and Conditions of Use, hereinafter referred to as the GCU, may be changed or updated at any time and without notice by CIRAD.

The access to the AWARE atlas, as well as its consultation, uploading and downloading of resources (data and related information), are subject to the respect of the following conditions and terms:

  1. The AWARE atlas is a warehouse for storage, management and dissemination, by link referencing or by making available the Resources resulting from research, according to sharing conditions defined on a case-by-case basis.
  2. The content of the AWARE Atlas is licensed under a Creative Commons licence. The metadata are freely reusable under the CC0 licence. The Resources are mainly under the CC BY NC SA licence. The licensing of the Resources can also be defined on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Contributors to the platform are CIRAD scientists and their partners in their research, expertise and training activities in partnership.
  4. The Contributor guarantees that the Resources are disseminable and that they comply with the applicable legal provisions in force and in particular with the provisions relating to personal data, sensitive data, protection of privacy and intellectual property rights.
  5. CIRAD reserves the right, without notice, at its own discretion and without incurring liability, to change and/or delete inappropriate content and to limit or remove access to a Contributor if it considers that its use of the AWARE platform violates these GTCU, the applicable laws in force or the rights of third parties.
  6. Each User undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions of the user license applicable to the Resources consulted and/or downloaded and/or reused. The downloading and/or use of Resources of the AWARE Atlas Platform does not transfer any intellectual property right to the User on them.
  7. In cases where Users are authorised to download Resources, the use made of these Resources must respect the content of the associated licence and in any case, must at least cite the source of the Resource. Citation of data required: CIRAD, AWARE Atlas, 2020, [Title of the Resource], [Year of the Resource].
  8. The User is responsible for its use of the Resource and may not hold CIRAD liable in any way for its downloading or use. All Resources are provided "as is".

For any comments or requests for information, please contact the administrator at