In Reunion Island, Cirad conducts researches on tropical agronomy, in various areas :

  • crop protection,
  • environmental risks,
  • agriculture and integrated resource management,
  • agricultural and food quality.

For this purpose, Cirad teams rely on various types of data (geographically referenced data, production data, climate data, etc.). Their researches also produce results, in the form of geographically referenced dat\ abases, maps and images.

Cirad in Reunion Island wanted to acquire a web platform bringing together all its geographic data in order to :

  • improve the effectiveness of researches,
  • share data,
  • facilitate access to these data for its teams,
  • have a better control on data dissemination,

Spatial information for Research

AWARE responds to these needs by a cataloguing of available data at Cirad in Reunion Island and the possibility to make precise requests thanks to categories, keywords, regions and extent... These two functionalities available for anyone, display metadata. To give permissions to visualize/broadcast and to download, the atlas is based on a profile management, in order to respect confidentiality rules and copyright\ .

AWARE targets a large audience : researchers, professionals of agriculture, teachers, providers of funds... Its strenght lies in its capacity to pool spatial information from Cirad thanks to some users called "cont\ ributors" ; these ones can add layers, create maps, without using a GIS software. It is also possible to link documents (expertises, reports, pictures...) to existing layers and maps. Finally, the atlas uses free technological solutions\ which implement OGC (WMS, WCS, WFS et OWS) standards, ensuring the interoperability with GIS software as QGIS or ArcGIS.